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Failed Kingston DataTraveler USB drive recovery becomes crucial when your indispensable digital lifeline, storing everything from essential documents to precious memories, suddenly stops working and displays a warning instead of your files. This blog dives deep into addressing this problem, particularly focusing on a scenario involving a Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128GB flash drive that lights up but isn’t recognized by computers.

From the initial client complaint about the drive showing ‘no media’ to the complex process of recovering data despite a physically damaged NAND chip, we explore the steps necessary to safeguard and retrieve your digital valuables. Uncover the solutions to this perplexing issue and learn how to protect your digital treasures.

Background of Failed Kingston DataTraveler

Recently, an NYC-based designer lost access to his files stored on a Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128GB drive. He used this drive to keep crucial documents, emails, photos, videos, and databases.

However, one day, his computer didn’t recognize the drive when he tried to access it. After realizing the drive malfunctioned, he attempted various data recovery methods without success.

Concerned about losing critical data, he sought a professional solution and discovered our USB flash drive recovery service in New York.

Kingston Kyson Flash Drive Data Recovery

After researching our offerings and consulting with us, he chose to proceed. Preferring a personal handover, so we scheduled an appointment for him to drop off his USB drive for evaluation.

Evaluation of Damaged Kingston Kyson 128GB

fter conducting a comprehensive analysis in our advanced laboratory, it became unmistakably clear that the significant data loss experienced was directly attributable to a catastrophic hardware failure. The computer was failing to recognize the drive, leaving the client completely unable to access his vital files.

This caused considerable distress and potential professional setbacks.

Upon a closer, more detailed inspection of the drive, our team identified minor, yet significant, scratches on the chip’s surface.

Minor scrapes may indicate deeper issues, risking significant damage to the drive’s internals and affecting functionality and data integrity.

The Price Quote 

Based on our evaluation, we provided the client with a detailed quote outlining the cost of recovering his data from the failed Kingston DataTraveler USB drive. The quote included all necessary repairs and replacements to ensure a successful recovery of his crucial files.

Recovery Process for Kingston DataTraveler Flash Drive

Our team, comprising industry-leading experts, deployed a suite of specialized tools and advanced techniques to meticulously extract data from the compromised Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128GB. Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in USB flash drive recovery, we undertook a thorough and careful process to ensure no file was left behind.

Our efforts culminated in the successful retrieval of every piece of critical data the client feared lost, including vital documents, essential emails, irreplaceable photos and videos, as well as crucial databases. 

Customer File Verification

After completing the data recovery, we gave the client a detailed list of recovered files.

We then verified each file’s integrity and ensured it was accessible before returning it securely to the client. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction meant that the client could trust our services completely.

Successfully Recovered Kingston Kyson Flash Drive

The client was overjoyed to regain access to his essential files, expressing profound gratitude for our swift and efficient recovery process. He was particularly impressed with our team’s exceptional professionalism and technical prowess, which shone brightly throughout the entire recovery journey.

Kingston 128 GB USB FLash Drive Recovery

Our meticulous recovery of all his lost data from the severely damaged Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128GB drive provided him with much-needed peace of mind.

This success also solidified our standing as a highly reliable and trusted USB flash drive recovery service provider in the bustling city of New York.

This incident underscored our commitment to excellence and our ability to handle even the most challenging recovery situations with ease and expertise, further enhancing our reputation in the competitive data recovery market.


In conclusion, this case demonstrates our commitment to restoring critical data from damaged USB flash drives. We recognize the value of irreplaceable files and strive to ensure successful recovery for every client. Whether it’s due to hardware failure or human error, we have the expertise and tools necessary to recover lost data effectively.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction, and we take pride in providing top-notch USB flash drive recovery services. If you’re stuck with a malfunctioning USB flash drive, reach out for our expert data recovery help. Trust RAID Recovery Services to quickly recover your essential files!

FAQ - Kingston DataTraveler Flash Drive Recovery

Yes, data can often be recovered from flash drives your computer doesn’t recognize. Professional services use specialized tools to retrieve files from damaged or malfunctioning drives.

To remove write protection from your Kingston DataTraveler, try the following solutions:

  • Check for physical damage on the drive. If any parts are damaged, it may cause write protection.
  • Use a different computer to see if the issue is with the USB port.
  • Try using diskpart in Command Prompt to format the drive and remove write protection.

To reformat your Kingston DataTraveler:

  1. Connect the USB drive to your computer.
  2. Open File Explorer and right-click on the USB drive.
  3. Select “Format” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose a file system (NTFS recommended) and click “Start.”
  5. Click “OK” when prompted about erasing all data on the drive.
  6. Once formatting is complete, click “OK” to finish.

Data recovery time varies with the damage level and complexity of the recovery. A professional evaluation offers a more precise timeline.

Professional data recovery services successfully recover various file types documents, emails, photos, videos, and databases. Recovery success largely hinges on the drive’s damage severity.