Failed Samsung Portable T7 Recovered
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In our latest blog post, we dissect a fascinating case from New York involving a Samsung portable SSD T7 2TB, primarily used for gaming, which presented a concerning issue overheating. This significantly slowed down game load speed and led to an alarming discovery in our lab: the circuit board of the SSD had begun to melt.

This case study underscores the critical importance of using reliable hardware for gaming and highlights the potential consequences of overlooking hardware failure signs. Join us to explore this intriguing case, learn how we diagnosed the issue in New York, and gain insights on preventing similar problems in the future.

Background of Failed Samsung Portable SSD T7

Recently, a gamer in New York encountered a malfunction with his Samsung Portable SSD T7 2TB while using it to store game data. The SSD had overheated and caused a significant slowdown in-game load speeds. The customer attempted several self-recovery options, including connecting the SSD to different computers and using various data recovery software.

However, none of these methods were successful in recovering the game data. He had collected a significant amount of game data on his drive, which had countless hours of progress and achievements.

The thought of losing all this data filled him with dread. To prevent such a catastrophic loss, he resolved to find a reliable solution to safeguard his precious game data.

Failed Samsung Portable SSD T7

 During his search for professional help, he discovered our top-rated Recovery service situated in the bustling heart of New York. Captivated by our expertise and glowing reviews, he chose to get in touch with us. After the initial Consultation, we sent the customer a shipping label, and he shipped the drive to our facility for diagnostic and recovery.

Evaluation of Failed Samsung Portable T7 2TB SSD

Upon the arrival of the Samsung Portable SSD T7 2TB at our laboratory, our dedicated technical team immediately initiated a thorough evaluation. The external drive underwent an extensive examination, during which our experts carefully inspected its components.

Failed Samsung Portable SSD 2TB

It was during this meticulous evaluation that we made a significant discovery: the circuit board within the device had suffered severe damage, having melted due to excessive overheating.

Price Quote

Due to the extensive damage and complexity of the recovery process, our team provided the customer with a detailed price quote for the recovery service.

The quote included all costs associated with retrieving the game data, including labour, parts, and shipping. The customer promptly approved the quoted price then Our skilled technicians immediately began the recovery process.

Data Recovery Process of Failed Samsung Portable SSD

Our team of experts followed our tried-and-tested data recovery procedures to recover the game data from the damaged Samsung Portable SSD T7 2TB. The process involved careful handling of the drive components, including the melted circuit board, to prevent further damage.

Our technicians also had to use specialized tools and techniques to extract the data successfully. After hours of meticulous work, we were able to fully retrieve the customer’s game data, including all their progress and achievements. 

Remote File Verification

To guarantee the integrity and completeness of the recovered data, we invited the customer to verify the files remotely.

This allowed him to review all his game data before we delivered it back to him. The customer was thrilled with the results and expressed his gratitude for our professional service.

Successful Samsung portable SSD T7 2TB Recovery

In the end, our rigorous evaluation and meticulous data recovery process proved successful in recovering the customer’s game data from the failed Samsung Portable SSD T7 2TB. Our expertise and advanced equipment allowed us to overcome the challenges posed by the damaged circuit board, ensuring a complete and successful recovery.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional, reliable data recovery services, always aiming for the best results for our valued clients. The customer was thrilled to retrieve his game data, and we were happy to play a role in his satisfaction!

FAQ - Samsung Portable 2TB SSD Recovery

Yes, recovery is often possible following a device’s overheating and subsequent failure, but it requires the expertise of seasoned data recovery professionals.

Data loss can result from several factors, including physical damage, overheating, accidental deletion, corruption, and virus or malware attacks.

To avoid further damage, stop using the device and contact a professional data recovery service promptly to assess the situation and recover the data.

Toggle ContThe timeline can vary widely depending on the damage’s extent and the recovery’s complexity, ranging from a few days to several weeks.ent

Costs can vary depending on the severity of the damage, the required labour, and any parts needed for the recovery. A thorough evaluation usually precedes a detailed quote.

Key measures to prevent data loss are regular backups, ensuring adequate cooling during extensive use, and protecting the device from physical damage.